this shop is chargeing me 150 for new coil overs and 125 to install it , is this worth it? i was thinking about it for my 1990 integra

I was offered 110 for coilovers and 60 to install… I dont know if its such a great idea…

Plus, Coilovers with stock shocks is a big nono.

why not do it yourself? its not that hard…

:werd: I’m too lazy tho:p

im like 16 years old and i dont really know how to do it

age has nothing to do with it, if you can read words/pictures, you can do pretty much anything with the right tools.

coilovers=ass. take them back if u already havent bought them. if you need coilover sleeves, get the ground controls. what are your goals as far as suspension is concerned? because without a brand-name suspension, it wont handle well.

150 sounds kinda cheap for sleeve coilovers. If your going to get the sleeve kinda get ground control or skunk 2. They are more expensive but they wont strip out on you.

i just need them for everyday driveing cuz ya , way to many pot holes , to uncomfortable for me

ummm… im 16 years old too… and i managed. hehe… it might seem hard man… but take it step by step, and you’ll be able to do anything on the car.

2 many potholes? and u want ur car lowered? I dont get the point unless u already have springs and wanna switch.

its like its already lowered but i wanna raise it back up , but i dont have the oem springs , so im thinking about getitng coilovers and just adjust it to a normal height

ahhh :up:… I think there are also some springs (dont remember what brand) that are just a .75" drop. They are fairly close to stock.

cool I’ll definitely look into that, thankz