Private label mfg plm miracle next style crossbar x-bar all optional bars

So I messaged the the rep on honda-tech about making these for our cars. He said he would need atleast 25 people interested in it.

What do you guys think?

I guess i’d be down but im not to thrilled bout the 18ga. I just know for $300 I better feel an instant increase in this Viagra X bar for our cars. But get’n 25 people is a long shot . Not willing to “proto” 2-3 of them eh? Of course I could build my own for 1/2 that but it would be bout as heavy as honey booboo lol cuz i cant tig weld to save my life

Haha. I would build one too If i could weld. but I suck at welding right now. The em bars is the other option. I daily my car and autoX and road race with it too. I’m trying my hardest not to cage it.

Looks as tho nobuddy’s interested so break out your welder & learn lol. Home fab is where its at !!

: ( looks like it. maybe after a few tries i’ll get it straight

Well im still down Mike so keep tryin

Im down

the plm guy has the link to this thread so He should be checking on it

Hell for 400-500 a good welder would make you a solid “X-Bar” and you would sure tell the difference.

Yea i know, thats what im sayin! I have a Millermatic 180 but i dont know how to weld the stainless, only thick ass d.o.m. tubing which weighs a crap load more than these Xbars plus if I built my X-bar then im gonna wanna make my strut bars & so on & so on then the next thang you know I got 300lbs. of extra weight lol

^^^^ hahaha


soo I’m starting a welding class on thursday.

soo I’m starting a welding class on thursday.

So hows the class goin -updates ???

went to a few classes. Then the teacher disappeared -_-. So I only got to do some stick welding.

WTF ??? Well thats pretty shady , hope you were able to get ur money back for tha classes lol

So how everything has been going? Did you get your money back?

Class was free because I’m friends with the engr department head. Currently in the process of getting a roll bar for my integra