problem...break in...or just my imagination

I just got done putting my head back on my car, i put crower 403’s duel valve springs and retainers put in, i also had to have 4 valves replaced, b/c they were a little bent. I also figured it would be a good idea to replace the valve stem seals. I cleaned everything up inside the intake manafold and replaced all gaskets. I started it up adjusted the idle and let it run for a bit. Once it was all warmed up i gave it a few taps on the gas and it seems to smoke now. I can not tell you how bad b/c it was also blowing out condensation from it being so cold but you definately notice and smell some smoke. Before i had the work done my car never smoked. I didn’t get a chance to drive it around yet b/c i had to go back to college, but does this seem like a problem or do the seals need to break in. Could it also be everything burning off that i cleaned it out with and it will go away after i finally drive it around a bit??? Any suggestions would be appreciated. (sorry so long)

smoke is most likely from leaked oil it’ll take about reg 4 days of driving or around 4 hours of driving before all of it goes away. but yes it will go away unless you do have a leak which i doubt.

thanks for the reply, unfortunately i will have to wait til the next time i go home from college to drive it, but i have my parents run it for me when i am gone.