problem with distributor

my distributor makes a loud grinding sound only at start up once it is warmed up it happens off and on, i am positive it is coming from the distributor, has anyone replaced theirs, I found a used one from a junkyard for $100 but they cant tell me if it is non obd or obd1, is it worth buying a new one for 250-300 or just a getting a used one

Go to the dealership and give them your VIN for them to verify your eligiblity for a distributor recall. Some of our Tegs were on recall for a distributor bearing problem. Go ASAP before your distributor freezes…trust me, it happened to me, and it’s gonna cost ya a lot more if your timing belt jumps or something and you bend some valves.

my distributor does the same thing… i think bearings is ****ed up… that is why i bought a used 91 one for <23 shipped> lol got a hell of a deal. I modified it to fit it with the MSD SCI and external coils + modified cap that i was gonna put in my car in the first place but appraetlny it just does not want to cooperate… It is really making me mad!!! I had to put the old distributor back on. when i start my car up with my orig dis the dis and car sounded really really weird but after like 2 - 3 min the car was ok… the engine rev smooth so i don’t know what’s the deal… i’m gonna need someone to install it for me because i’m tired of messing with it… some mech told me that the dis might need to be replace but i don’t think that is the problem… ne ways i might try to run it without external coils on my current dis… since the MSD SCI i got is brand new and it should def work… ne ways wish me luck… If you guys have any advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

I have some advise, read the post above yours and go get a FREE new distributer from the dealership.

unfortunately i have already done so and they told me that they did not cover it. they even made me spend 35 dollars checking it and they found out nothing… what a bunch of morons.

Sounds like the jerks at the Honda here in town.

I thought that recall expired a a year or two ago. Or, maybe it’s 4:30am and i’m imagining things…


I have the same problem and am pretty sure it’s a bad bearing. A&H Motorsports offers a bearing rebuild kit for (I think) $80 unshipped. That’s the route I’m going, and am just going to purchase a new rotor and cap. Basically, I’ll have a rebuilt distributor when I’m done, and should only cost me about $150 tops. Make sure to use a timing light when you’re done.

This sounds easy, but I won’t be able to get to it until about another month, but I’ll let you know how it goes. There also used to be an article from a member that detailed the rebuild. Anyone know if that link’s still available?

well i had a backup distributor but one of my riends told me tha thing is for a 1990 and it prob won’t work on my car. the only diff i notice between those two is that the 90 has a resistor and the 91 don’t… i’ll prob still try to put it on just to test… i would hate for my dis to die on me on the road…

I just got my MSD SCI installed with external coils and it is prob killing my <already messed up dis> even faster. how hard is it to do the bearing repack thing?

i got this 1990 distributor for only liek 23 bucks shipped. lol best deal ever! suppose to be 91!!

i’m gonna try it out ne ways wish me luck. If you guys know anything about how these two are compatible or not plz let me know thx.

the non odb has rounded white plugs. odb1 has squared gray plugs. But i blew my distributer 6 months ago got a used one with a blown bearing took it back and got another used one. This time i took the cap off and looked at it. It was manufactured in 1997. all in all 75 bucks for a newer than stock distributer.

thx for the info. whne you said white/gray plug , are you referring to the two plugs that are facing the firewall?

the only two plugs on the distributor. both will be gray or both will be white

both of the distribturos i got are both white… hm most likely it will work =P. the only diff between the plugs is that one of them the plugs are at right in stead of left so it’s backwards but i had no problems plugging it in.

i dont see why it would not work let me know if it doesn’t