Problem with drivetrain

i recently swapped my engine to a souped up LS/VTEC with a Y1 tranny with a stage 2 clutch kit, everything is brand new, including the axles, but not the engine mounts (didnt get enough money for em) they still hold on for a couple of months jejee, anyways when i start accelerating from zero the car makes a clunky sound and the cluncks depending on how hard i release the clutch or how much i accelerate, you either feel it more or feel it less but anyways you get to feel it, its kinda like the axles are hitting something, i don’t know if it is the engine mounts wear thats making this or what because both axles have been replaced and they’re in mint condition.

HEEEELP!!! i dont want to drive my car like this

i had the same problem and it was the axles, did you tighten the axle nut down to spec?