Problem with Injen Intake

I have a 91 GS with ABS and the intake rubs up against the ABS and the distributor. Don’t buy one if you have ABS. I guess if you don’t have ABS buy the damn thing. I’ve been trying to get in touch with Injen but I’ll have to wait until monday. I’ll post when I find out how nice they are about it. Anyone else wih this problem or a cure?

i have an Injen cai and it fit fine, the rubber hose that connects it to the TB could’ve been a little bit longer but it still fit.

my friend with a 93 gs bought my old intake from me(which fit mine perfect) had the same problem as you, i think gsr’s and rs/ls/gs have different clearences between the ABS and distributor, we ended up taking a hammer to his intake and “customizing” it to fit. HTH :confused: