problem with jdm comp vs dc headers

this is the problem im having…
my pw0 comp has to be hooked up to 2 o2 sensors, see i had b20 and stock headers well on those stock headers were 2 o2s’ pluged up to 2 different cylinders, well my car got stolen and i put gsr motor well now i have 1 o2 hooked up to both plugs in my ecu and the other o2 is just zipp tied to the motor…
so i either have to (trade or buy a different ecu that will run off of 1 o2)
or (find some one who know how to put 2 ports on a dc header for o2s’) which means i need to know on which cylinder head to port off of…
or buy a set of (stock gsr headers jdm) because im guessing that the will have 2 wholes for o2s’ anyone gone threw this allready any help will be great
all this to past smog legit

hopefully they will not close this threat

you can use a stock gsr header from a 94+ integra gsr…OR just go to a muffler shop and they’ll weld that o2 sensor into the DC header down near where the header meets the catalytic converter

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not so fast…

see the 2 o2s have to be welded in and they both have to be at the top of the header somewhere before they combine into 1 the real question is which cyclinder they have to read off of and which one goes where…they car now is only running at about 70% even 25% at the low rpm of 2500…
the comp is totally confused by the way L’s hooked it up…

see the 2 o2s have to be welded in and they both have to be at the top of the header somewhere before they combine into 1 the real question is which cyclinder they have to read off of and which one goes where…

why do they have to be at the top of the header?? on a STOCK gsr one o2 sensor goes right below where all 4 tubes come off the head (which is probably where your one o2 sensor is already hooked up) and the other goes into the bottom right before the catalytic converter (like i said earlier), none read off just one cylinder

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see that comp that is in that car is a jdm, out of a 87-88 crx i do beleave…
its the pw0 and in order to run correctly the comp needs to be reading off of 2 different cyc…funny cause now it all make sense to me why the og owner if this car spent some pretty good money to put that b20 together and never invested into some dope ass headers, he was using the stock jdm headers that had 2 bung hole allready installed member>>>
from what i read, reading off of 2 different cyc the comp auto adjust the rich/thin gas input for the car to run just the way its appost to. it say that as long as the car has 1 o2 wired to both o2 readers in the ecu the car will studder and run like shit at low rpms which it does…when im at a light it wants to conk out rpms drop to like 400 and shit…untill i fix this problem the car will never run at its full patencial…

the pw0 cant be a jdm crx ecu and require 2 o2 sensors…they didnt start using 2 o2 sensors until 94 i believe, in which case the crx wasnt around during that time…why dont you just go ask luke for a damn gsr computer??? tell him you want a p72 ecu for smog…he should be able to hook you up

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do u meen this

OBD-I JDM P72 Vtec manual ECU Jun Chipped for Integra GSR Dohc B18C1

PW0 : 89-91 JDM B16A EF8/9 DA6-XSi

theres those dam ef-/*blaablaablaa

well it doesnt have to be chipped, just a regular p72 will work

JUN/Spoon/Mugen…those are aftermarket chips they put IN the ecu to alter vtec crossover/fuel mapping, etc.

you’d probably be better off finding a straight up stock one…luke should have some laying around, its not a rare ecu

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and yer ecu is for a 1st gen b16…i dont know why it would try to read (2) o2 sensors when that ecu only requires 1

P72 : 94-95 OBD-1 Integra GSR

^^^thats what you want

does this ecu have the same plugs as the one i have now and how many o2s does it need to run off of?

it should plug right in since yer car is already running a gsr motor, it’ll look for (2) o2 sensors

and it shouldn’t matter where the o2 sensors are for it either. as long as you already have the 1 o2 sensor plugged into the top half of your DC header, the 2nd can get welded into the bottom near the cat.