problem with my fogs

ok, so today i painted my bulbs tamiya clear yellow, i got the fogs off no problem, painted the bulbs reversed what i did to take them off and had them in nicely. I turned on the fogs and only the drivers side worked. so i fucked with them alittle, making sure all the connections were in and what not, and checked the fuses. now none of them worked and it was because the 10V fuse was blown. i put a 20V fuse in thinking it wont be much of a difference in voltage, and i ran the lights. Well now the wires to my passenger side headlight started burnin up a little. Great. now my head lights work but my fogs dont. what do i do. im so confused. everytime i put in a 10V fuse it would blow. someone please help me. Also, the fuses i put in were kinda old, so does putting in a “new” fuse solve this problem, has anyone encountered it. Help is GREATLY appriciated.

ok so now i figured out what the problem is, but now i got a bigger problem. The original problem was that there was a short, i found the wires (which i originally thought was headlight wires) and they’re all burnt up. So i gotta replace them. Now my question is how do i access the wiring harness for the fogs. you know the one near the headlight wires? wheres the easiest place to gain access to it??

You have a short some place, [maybe a pinched wire when you reinstalled the fogs] I would have a very close look at the wire that burnt.

The fog lights have their own fuse, [fuse 19 - 15A] in under dash fuse box, but the fog light switch [that controls the fog light relay] gets it’s power from the right head light fuse, [low beam, fuse fuse 4 - 10A] in under dash fuse box.

Because the problem started after you “painted” your fog bulbs it must have something to do with that, [not the painting of the bulbs, but in the reassembly, again I would have a very close look at the wiring in and around the burnt wire on the passenger side.

As you already obviously know, never replace a fuse with a bigger one, the fuse rating is the max. current, [amps] that the wiring can handle, if the draw is higher then the wiring can handle, [in this case probably a short] the fuse will blow, by replacing the 10A fuse, [BTW fuses are rated in amps, (A) not volts, (V)] with a 20A fuse, the wire burnt before the fuse could blow. :roll: 94

i already found where the problem is, i need to replace the wires, i need to know how to access the wiring harness for the fogs, i followed it back to behind the headlight, but then it dissapears into some hole (isnt that always the case) so i need to know how to get to the wires so i can replace them.

The fog light wires will be part of the harness that comes out into the engine bay from inside the car, the red/blue wires of the fog light bulb plugs are connected to a red/black wire on each side, then at some point the right red/black is connected to the lefts red/black and it continues to the “Fog Light Relay”, [don’t know where the fog light relay is in a g2] but your problem is between the connection at the fog lights and the “FLR” :idea:94

whats a FLR im fairly new to the electrical thing

“FLR”= “Fog Light Relay”. :rimshot: 94