problem with the motor????

ok…im real big on knowing my gas mileage and ussually I judge the trip instead of the guage. Just recently over the past couple of weeks, I’v gone from about 24 MPG to 21MPG to 18MPG!!!. Also I’m noticing some oil leaking from the valve cover. Would just a gasket be effecting me this much? I change my oil every 3k and its no were near that yet, spark plugs and wires are fine, My intake filter is still new. Any ideas??? I’m gonna try to get it to a shop today and see what they have to say.

Some other things to check before you go to the mechanic…

O2 Sensor, Rotor, Distributor, Coolant, Oil Level, IACV valve, PCV valve, thats about it.

Also get a new valve cover gasket from Youll be glad you did.