Problems After Manifold Install

So I have a OBD0 B16 in my 90 Teg. yesteday I installed a ITR intake manifold with a GSR TB on my car. The install went fine. no coolant leaks or fuel leaks. redid all the vacuum lines. I had problems right after but I seemed to fix it. I’m using the MAP sensor on top of the TB. I jsut extended the map sensor harness wires to conenct to it. as soon as I started the car, I could tell something was wrong. it was idling like shit. it idled at about 2 grand and the engine was struggling to run. sounded like misfirrig SORTA. Sounds kinda like a car with big beefy cams in a race car. it was like glug glug glug. the exhaust note and sound even soudned different. and it would kida backfire soemtimes. when I reved it a bit, smelt like it was running rich but after it got warm the smell didn’t really coem off anymore as I gave it a quick blip of the throttle. I tried toa djsut the idle using the et screw and adjsuting my throttle cable too. both no go. still at 2 grand. I don’t mind IDLE that high but it still is not running right I took it for a drive and there is a significant loss in power. VTEC was still engaging right. I didn’t rev it to redline so I dunno if the redline is any lwoer. I foroot to check teh ecu for any codes. I’ll do taht alter tonight. i restted ECU already tho. So to sum it up:

Idle is at 2 grand. sounds like a minor vacuum leak. Engine voerall is running rough like it’s on some wild cams. exhaust note has changed even more into a buzzing type Bee soundnow with it ruynning like this.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that before this. my idle used to be at 3 grand and had a massive vacuum leak I was using the stock MAP sensor/vacuum line to the manifold. Now taht I am using the TB MAP sensor, it runs rough. maybe that MAP is bad?

EDIT 2: I found out what was wrong. the gasket I used wsa flipped upside down so there was a leak where the MAP sensor was so it gave it the wrong reading. and made it really rich. also comapring TB’s. the GSR one has a longer passage way at the bottom. so the gasket I have it still slightly off I think. it seems to work now tho. so Good stuff. it’s wet out so I couldn’t really test it out. hoesntly 3-4 grand revs seemed a bit stronger, 4-5 seemed sluggish, top end felt the same maybe a bit worse even?? overall with my feeligsn right now it wasn’t worth it but I will wait till it’s dry to elt you know. either way. it’ll be betetr for my turbo ap witht he bigger plenum body etc. my b16 is stock right now so maybe the ITR bit was over doing it maybe?

It would most likely be related to your MAP sensor. Does your car go into limp mode and run better? Be sure to check your extended wiring to the map sensor. Did you mix some wires around when extending it?

I fixed a stock LS with teh same problem, and it was becuase of his S-AFC, the map input wire was butt connected and was loose. The car woudl go into limp mode when I played with the fuel settings and the engine liight came on, car ran like a champ. So I bypassed the AFC, hooking the MAP sensor back up in stock form without the AFC in between, and everything was fine.

So it does sound like it’s something to do with ur map sensor. HTH.

Yeah it was my MAP sensor. cause I installed the gasket upside down. there was a small leak so it didn’t like to idle very nicely plus it soudned mean like I had massive cams. I fixed it now but my idle is still high. like a tad udner 2 grand. driveable now tho.