problems with head rebuild

I just got done rebuilding the head on my JDM B16 put everything back together, went to start it and it just cranked but no start so I triple checked my timing and it was fine so I decided to check my compression and I was at 65 across the board no idea why. The valves are new springs are new retainers are new head gasket is new and I’m running head studs insted of head bolts and everything is torqued down to factory specs. I’m going to try a couple more times and if still nothing I’m going to sell it, very frustrated right now, so if any one has any ideas please let me know. I installed black nitrate valves, racing springs, tit. retainers, racing valve guides and head studs if it helps.

are your valves ajusted right??

Intake is at .006 and exhaust is at .008 is this right.

So you are positive the crank pully’s white mark is in line with the lower cover pointer while the cams are at TDC?

yes postive, I found the problem, I was 180 off so I fixed that and it fired right up but with that I leaked oil out of the bottom of the head and on to the floor so I think my new head gasket is bad. I’m running head studs instead of bolts which are torqued to the specs that came with them. Has any one ever used studs or messed with them? Is there some trick to installing them?