problems with my teg

Hey guys, i just picked up my new car after having a B20 vtec conversion done. The only problem i have is it is a bit Sluggish at points and seems to ne holding back, i also get an engine check light very occasionally. The ecu is completely standard and hasn’t been chipped yet. could this be causing my problem? Does anyoone have a good base map for a B20 vtec on OBD1?

It is running obd 1 below are a few pics of the ecu and the car. How would i check this ecu for codes as there is no led to flash codes.

The car is a 1992 honda integra da6 that came with a b16a2, i am using the b16a2 head and as yet the ecu is untouched, as if it has just come out of the factory.

The car

the ecu code

ecu plugs

I would appreciate any help! And a base map that would work on the above basemap


code is probably the o2 sensor, you are most likely running lean because of .4liters more displacement, to check it, the area around where the ecu plugs there is a random plug that has 2 wires and does not plug into anything, cut the ignition off and use a jumper wire to connect the 2 and then turn on the car and watch how many times the ecu blinks short blinks count as 1 long blinks count as 10 so 1 long and 3 short would be 13, this is also in the teg tips under engine i believe, hope that helps here is the link in teg tips

by the way what kind of wheels are those? they look like fat fives but the color is off. did you paint them, either way, they look real sharp

well heres another question? where is the ecu located in his car with it being right hand drive? very nice by the way. and yeah normally there are two plugs in a green holder near the passenger kick panel. take the two wire and jump it as it was stated above.

hope you get it figured out


yeah the code probably is because i am running lean, thought that but will check tomorrow! it is 1:30 am over here in scotland!

The wheels i have are oz polaris, one is a little buckled though after the previous owner hit a bump going too fast!

The ecu is in my passenger side footwell, so on the left hand side.

Does anybody have a base map that i can use once the ecu is chipped?

Thanks for your replies