Problems with Swap

Hey guys i Know most of you guys dont’ approve of the B18A to B18B head swap. But i done it anwaysy at least most of it. The only reason is not complete is because of the intake manifold. The intake manifold should fit (said the mech) but the EGR (for autoamtics only) does not have a spot on the 99 itnake manifold. Does anyone know anyways i can bypass the EGR sensors or something because From what i have heard the TB and itnake manifold makes a good amount of diff also one more thing is that can i bolt on the 99 LS TB onto my 91? are they diff size? the swap is good but not good enough for me. I paid too much for the performance gain in my opinion . However i still have the 99 LS TB and manifold sitting here and i would love to put it into use. If anyone has any info on it plz send it to me. Thx guys