Problems with the automatic window

Wuzzup people. lately everytime I hit the switch to lowe my driver side window, the window starts going down and then suddenly stops half way. Then I try to get it to go back up or down and nothing happens. Then I “gently tap” the door around the area where the switch is and it starts working again. Now, what’s more likely. Being a 91, could it be that the motor is going or maybe it’s a loose wire? I’ve never taken the door panel off but I guess I could and take a look. What would a motor cost if it was that? Thanks for the help.

very often the switches get dirty or corroded. usually you can fix this by taking the door panel off, removing the switches, and cleaning the contacts.

However, if you’re using the Auto down (hit once and it goes down on its own) and it just stops half way down, that’s probably something else.