progress on my rebuild

I had some time so I took some pics…
parked up waiting on her new engine.

a quick dash shot…

another quick console shot…

this is the original block.
i’m going to sleeve it later on for my next build.

this the damage to the original block…
noticed the little lines at the top of the cyl wall?

Here is the replacement block. B17A1.
Currently at the machine shop getting bored .40 over and line bored.
I’m also having it bead blasted.

Here is a pic of the piston.
11.4:1 82mm. Wiseco’s

B17A1 rods. Ballanced and modified.

Here is a stock rod next to a modified one.

A shot of the head and port work.

Another pic of the port job.

Last pic of the port.

AEBS Intake Manifold ported and matched.

I’ll post more when I get home… I seem to have lost the remote connection to my pc @ home.

A hondata intake manifold gasket.

Fuel rail and stock injectors.

Broken injector will be replaced with a set of 330cc RC’s

DC Sport header.

Bent lower half of the DC Sport header.

DC Sport Intake.

whoa… that’s a pretty big dent on the header… would that affect the flow?

Reminds me when I did my rebuild…:smiley: :up: :up:

david, I know man… the header is kinda beat up.
I was wondering if I can get a generic lower half… if it would bolt up?
I’m still trying to get a TODA header from a friend… but he finds it hard to let it go.
Here are a few more pics…
7lbs Flywheel

New OEM Dist. w/ new internals.

Greddy Timming Belt.

OEM Fuel Filter.

OEM Oil Filter.

New Oil Squirters.

A set of samco hoses to go along with the new fluidyne radiator.

And a new cap for that radiator.

And some new slimfans 1 10" and 1 12". These fans only draw 9.2 amps.

New Spedo cable.

Throwout and shaft bearings.

New Wires and Plugs.

Close up.

OEM Top and Bottom end kit. 2000 Civic Si.

ITR oil pump.

ITR water pump.

New 82mm ring set.

I’ll post some pics of the Fludyne tommorrow.
A few more little things…like a clutch and fuel pump… and I’m good to go.
I’m looking to make around 190whp tuned and 250whp on the bottle.

keep it going Ronie… have it done by june 24th ?

looks good! If you need any suspension parts (IE ksport coilovers) let me know. :wink: