project LS down under

alright so im actually australian so a lot on this website means sweet FA to me,

ive got an LS integra and i want to keep it naturally aspirated and convert it from auto to manual

ive considerd:

a) new head (vtec/type r head)
b) new cams (crower)
c) complete engine overhaul

can any B series head go on a b18a block? which of these will be most cost effective for a bit more performance on a budget?
we didnt have RS or GSR models. they only expanded out to the VTiR and GSR for the third gen integras out here

i used to drive a SR20DET 180sx so i know a little bit about internals from plans to build that up for huge boost

i was thinking the head would be fine to do up because the power increase wouldnt be too insane to blow the bottom end but i really dont know anymore… help? =D

also anyone know brands of aftermarket suspension for these? i cant find any

im from aus aswell.

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but i think if you first convert to manual they are a completely different car. the vtec head will fit, b16 seems to b the most popular. ive your going to boost it. id boost it first then build it. because you can get alot more out of boost then you can with just vtec. plus you have to wire in the vtec, run the oil line etc. etc.

its doesnt sound that hard and its not really. but i thought the same thing as you before i started playin with my da, mine however was already manual. i just boosted it and i havent looked back. i was either puttin a b18cr in or boost and i dont regret not doing it. its great fun, unique (for my state) and besides upgrading havent really had any probs.

you can e-mail me if you want for more details

suspension from the eg/dc will fit if your willing to use there lower fork for the front. the rear is straight bolt on. other than that, Omnisport, skunk2, koni, ground control, tien…etc. there are many others out there, and G2ic is using a variety

thanks for the help guys =]
i have no intention of running boost into the car as yet, im an apprentice mechanic so on the below par wage i make i cant afford everything
ie parts, maintenance, rebuild, running, engineer’s certificate etc
so i was going to keep it NA (im selling my 180sx to do this project [thats a 240sx with SR20DET])
not looking for huge power its gotta be my daily i just wanted something thats a bit more fun, ive been using ozhonda for some ideas as well

i emailed a wrecker a while back about a manual conversion and they said honda engines are transmission specific and a conversion was entirely impossible
so if you guys say its not ill definitely look at that in the near future

just want to find some rims and lower the car first, lowering it on monroe GT gas and kings, not great but itll do for now.

apart from an exhaust, CAI and VTEC head what else can i do for NA power?

port and polish, intake manifold, cams…etc. keep it simple

nah i dont agree with impossible swaps

if its the other way around manual to auto then yeh its a little diff but auto to manual is easy

well if i did say
crower cams
port polish
intake manifold
man conversion

and only used them for the power side of things, thatd make it a pretty decent car right? would i need to upgrade ECU?

yeh you would have to. on ozhonda mayb check i think his name was bluboy or similar on there he had a blue da9 with what you have just asked about with aem ems. and it was a good car local perth car when he had it.

ill try find him later im a bit hungover…

have you seen DA900? it was in fast fours in august it had something like 200kw atw. perfect da9 though. hes selling it in nsw for $15k

a little off topic now bro. nah i havent if u wana chat bout stuff like that add my msn

yeah anyway back on topic…

would it be easier to just drop some stage 1 cams into the b18a head or get a vtec head? i really cbf doing the ecu and that kind of stuff for a vtec and once i have money i can always turbo the car later on down the track

if i go the route of doing my own engine that way with high comp. pistons as well i could just get the whole exhaust done straight away as well which will probably help out the whole performance aspect straight away

ur basicly saying u want heaps of power for not much work.

i think the cams on the b18a would b better for what you want because if u put the ls vtec, then u have to tap the head put the oil feed in etc. then plug the stock ecu in, (if yours is the auto) you will need a auto vtec ecu. if its obd1 then u should b able to find something…

its entirely up to u what u want because we can only surgest

ah k yeah im gonna convert to manual coz ive read how much better it is to drive so ill do that before any major power mods, so ill have to put in a manual ecu

yeah its hard to find power on $200 a week so im trying my best to find the easiest way to get a bit more kick out of it without taking it off the road for too long at once. are there any brands that make internals for b18a’s or do i have to get it all custom built?

nah man b18a has plenty of parts avalible for purchase and reasonible pricing to

u dont need to change ur ecu from auto to manual only manual to auto