*** Project rustoration 92 DA ***

I’ve owned my da since I was 18 (2004) and its always been my dd so I never really did muh to it but lower It and rims, so after all the years of salty winters the rust has gottin pretty bad on one side, so its time to stop it like I should have done a long time ago

1st off I hate rust as much as the next guy so my da needs some love, step one is to stop it from growing.


Permatex rust treatment
Por15 prep & ready
Por15 rust preventive

Driver side is first…will update as it gets warmer

And here is were it gets nasty, this happend because the hose from the sunroof came off and the water just sat in the qtr well, grinding as much rust off as I can

Here’s the trunk

Wish they made patch panels but can’t find any :frowning:

You’ve go to cut it all out. It’s the only way.

And please get rid of those fender rain guard things. They hold water in

The rubber fender guards don’t cause rust… they keep the metal seam cleaner than if you were to take them off.

Mine has had them since day one and there wasn’t a spot of rust when I stripped the paint off.

got my explicit speed performace traction bar test fitted, i didnt put the rods on yet because im redoing all my suspension with new bushings