Projector headlights & Clutch masters.

I just want to hear some feedback on some products. Does anyone have a stage 2 clutch from Clutchmasters? Or anybody out there with the new projector headlights? I have seen problems with aftermarket headlights that leak or gets moisture in them. I have also heard that the stage 2 clutch from clutchmasters are a little too hard on the tranny.:shrug:

I have a stage 3 clutchmasters and it is NOT hard on the tranny at all. In fact i wish it was more harsh (like a centerforce). It has a feel of a stock clutch when driven normally, but if you be droppin the clutch during launches it is strong enuf to prolly break your drivetrain if u got enuf power.

that’s reality tho. If u get a stronger clutch, ur tranny and axles become the new weakspot. The axles are weak to begin with so theyll break before your tranny does. I havent had any problems regarding my clutchmasters other than my stock clutch fork.