Props on the new design


a step in the right direction! :up:

I think the color scheme is kinda drab compared to the old one.

Add in a G2IC chat room.

do we have IM or PMs now?

This setup is nice, but I liked the old one better. Dont get me wrong I like this too. Im just glad the site wont be down anymore! What happend to the teg tips and everything?


i liked the old one better, but im sure with time ill get used to it. :up:

Im sure all of that stuff will be added in due time when neil works out the final details

GO G2IC new layout is rockin…so happy the site’s not down

This new design is so much more cluttered… And I don’t get why the links turn black and basically disappear when you hover over them to click? Not feelin it.

:vomit: on this new setup. Any time he tries to switch this shtuff up it fuks with my account i dont want him to touch anything anymore.

I like the layout, but the colors need some editing.


Eh, at least the site is back up and running. No more feedback points???

Quit your whining. Seriously. Check the Notices forum.