PS Hard Line Fix

Was wondering if any of u guys knows if i can use brake hard line for the ps hard lines coming from the valve body unit to the pump/reservoir/cooler? Kinda F@#k up one of my line, so power steering doesn’t really work since no fluid is flowing through, its like bent in, was maybe think if tryin to use a vice grip and bending it back…

Pipe A is the one bent in since somehow the shield for got bent and wasn’t protect it… Any help would be much appreciated, most likely i’ll just buy it new for for $60… TIA

The hardlines on my GSR’s valve body unit rusted/pitted out around four years ago. The damage was at the point where the hardlines bend upwards (probably due to the dirt and grime being kicked-up by the tires). The mechanic cut out the damaged portions and linked the remaining hardlines with high pressure hose and clamps. No leaks and problems since then.

how much they charge you? flat broke with rent and bill… i think my best bet is just to buy brand new hard line since all three are rusted from wisconsin salt/snow… either that or i’m just gonna use brake hardline and just flare them if they work for PS, which i don’t know…

Brake line will work if you get the right flaring tool and pipe size, just don’t what flare it needs.

just go to a junkyard. :rockon:

i ordered one from the dealer for like 30 shipped trust me get oem the lines are such high pressure nothing else with work, junkyard would work also

u got it online or local acura dealer?

i would go with a junkyard one but it mite also be rusty…

I’ll sell you a whole set of hard lines. I don’t run powersteering in my cars.