pulling ac?

Im going to pull my ac off my car. some dork with a drill punched a hole in my firewall and killed my ac (box, forgot the real part name in the firewall). any how. im pulling out my b18a and putting in my b17. i want to take out the ac and all the parts. ( i know not to put the new motor in with the ac componant on it) but what do i do about the rest of the plumbing? i can take off all the hoses and junk but right were the ac plugs into the radiator. how in the world do plug that hole when i take it off.

I dont know if its a hole or if there is a valve there or what… it on the right side of the radiator in the top corner… any one done this before?

I figure that it will free up some HP. not much but some. and also open up the bay more… like alot more…

Im going to buy the Fluidyne(spelling) one here soon but its like 4bills and well thats alot. any help would be cool.