Pulls when braking

GRRR … I am trying to figure out why my car pulls towards the passenger side when braking… I replaced all of my rotors pads and lines last year so I dont think thats the problem.

I am supsect that maybe my drivers side caliper is weak and the passenger one is just pulling harder on that tire or somthing. Another thing I noticed, but im pretty sure is normal in a FWD when I take off quickly from a stop I have to countersteer the car from pulling, the fast I take off (meaning the more the tire burns) the more I have to countersteer, and yes this happens on the street somtimes when I take off quick, but im not refuring to street racing, im talking about launching at the auto-x so dont flame me :wink:


Check the tie rod ends, and the caliper might not be sliding

Ill have to look at the tie rods…how do i know if there bad/acting up…

And I know its sliding I took out the pins and greased them up good and made sure everything slide freely when I did my brakes, I just didnt rebuild the piston/seal parts.