Push Button Vent Control in an RS???

hey guys…I have a 92 RS and I happen to have a push button control from al LS/GS etc…in my garage

The lever on mine got stuck btwn setting and literally broke off! I dont have a/c but I do need the heat and the defogger setting and I am having trouble locating an RS one.

Is it possible to convert it to the push button style and what else would I need??

thanx in advance

I planned to swap my RS climate control for a LS/GS one when I swapped my dash, but once I had the climate control out I noticed that they aren’t the same. The RS one manually moves the vents with a spring loaded, lever thing. I don’t know the correct term sorry. The LS/GS one has a wiring harness instead of the mechanical arm. I don’t know exactly how the LS climate control moves the vents since I didn’t have an LS to check out. I assume there is a motor that moves the vents into the correct postition.

Yeah i did notice that when I looked at it. I have an RS and an LS and I have tried to compare the 2. I have even looked at the service manual, but it doesnt really give details in comparison.

My dash is pretty mint, so it would be an unnecessary task to switch the dash just for that…I guess it’s not possible.

I am hoping there is someone out there that has done this already, and can maybe guide me through it process if it’s even possible. If not, I guess I’m going just have to find another from an RS and fix the one I have…

Sucks because mine is stuck between vents, so all the air just stays in the dash! So annoying when I need the defroster…like today!!

Here is the documents from the manual

Button Type

Cable Type

If someone can examine these and maybe scome up with a suggestion to see it this is possible?? It looks like all I need is the motor for the blower and the harnes?? Idk…you tell me

yep that should be all you need

what about the ‘mode control’ cable that is currently in my car? That has to move something?

Also…what moves the heater vents and how?? Ya know, defroster, floor, face etc…

I see the how the recirculation switch would work…i’m just not understanding it all :think:

I didn’t mean you had to swap dashes, I was just in the process of converting my interior from blue to black and tryed to swap them out while I had everything apart.

The mode control cable was the difference I was talking about. I’m not sure if you would need to switch blower motors, it doesn’t seem like it would be necessary. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I would like to know too though.

Back from the dead, bump. I’ll be trying this out soon so if anyone has any insight or advice please share. My plan right now is completely convert to either an LS or GS main wiring harness. I’ll also be sourcing a LS or GS mode control motor and attempting to install it onto the RS heater. Anyone see any issues with that?

Bump, I’ll also be using the LS/GS/GSR push button heater controls. Anyone ever done this before?


Your best bet would be to switch over the entire heat/air box assembly, along with the harness and controls.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but on an RS, aren’t the door flaps for changing where the air blows vacuum controlled, where as on an LS, the flaps are controlled electronically?

If I’m right, you’ve got your work cut out for you, would be much easier to just get a junkyard RS piece and swap it.