put in another gauge cluster speedometer dont work

ok…all my gauges work now except the speedometer, i know theres a bunch of threads aboutu bouncing speedometers and things like that but mine just doesnt work.

whenever i go to try to put the gauge cluster in, put in all the clips, i can and i do guide the speedometer cable into the back of the gauge cluster, like i can see it go in…is it supposed to snap in or something?.. as i watch it go in a push back on it kinda hard, hoping it snaps in, but whenever i have everything together and i go for a drive my speedometer still doesnt work, i know the speedometer does work on the gauge cluster…i dont understand please help, i’d really like to know how fast im goin :bs: :hmm: :hmm:

it is suppose to snap you have to make sure that it pretty much fastens itself back… its kinda hard to reach but you can push it in with your hand.

so it should snap in then?

cause like ill put the gauge cluster in and put my hand behind the gauge cluster to guide the male end into the back of the speedometer and i try to push it in it seems like it goes in but it dont snap in…whenever i guide it in,should i push real hard on the gauge cluster?

appreciate the reply man

one way that helps is if you can take out the far left air vent which gives you a little more access behind the cluster.

it is a royal pain to do but it does snap kinda hard and you will more than likely come out of it with a few srcatches and scrapes on your arms

alright cool gonna have another go at it tomorrow morning. i so hope i can get it.\