Put key in door and key spins???

not sure what forum this’d go in…so i’ll try General…

its not my teg, but in my accord, on the passenger side, if you try to unlock the door, the key just spins in circles, its like its not grabbing anything in the hole. it locks/unlocks inside fine though. any idea how to fix this? or what’d be wrong? I feel like an ass cause im a gentlemen and I can’t even let my girl in her door on these cold winter days, so I gotta hop in and unlock it for her haha. I dont know how i’d fix it unless I got a diff door handle but then it’d be a diff key so I dunno?


You need a new lock cylinder. Usually runs about $50ish from the dealer plus you have to pay to code your key so you don’t get stuck w/ a different one for that lock.