putting b18a in 88' crx si which header

I am putting my b18a from my 90 integra in my Cr-x Si. I was wondering which header to use? One for th crx or integra? let me know and also if anyone has any other good pointers feel free to share.


Well you wont be able to use the CRX header, but that doesnt mean I know which one would be best. I need the same question answered since we are doing the same thing to a 89 hatch. I think we can choose between the header from the b16a or the one for the Teg. I think one of those actually hangs down lower, but I cant remember which one. Someone please correct me if Im wrong.

Get a DC 4-2-1 for your b18a (90 Integra).

I got a DC 4-1 1 Piece header Stainless Steel for a '00 Type R on my motor… :smiley:

Well I’ll be installing my header tomorrow, B18A into 88 CRX Si. I have two to choose from I have the stock 92 exhasut manifold and a manifold from a 2K Civic Si. The Si header is longer and looks as if it will flow better so I’m hoping that’ll fit the best. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow, tomorrow my REX should live!!! As long as my linkage comes from Place Racing. Wish me luck.


you know you can use the linkage off the integra you just have to cut and weld it

YEah or you can get a SIr Shift linkage…

When you get a linkage hacked and welded… . SOMETIMES it comes out goofy and cockeyed.

hey, im thinking of doing the same to my 88 crx dx. Can you guys tell me how the b18a is in the rex? is it more powerful than a zc and how’s the torque on it?