Putting on a few different parts. Some feedback would be helpful.

Did have a lot more typed, but I’ll keep it simple. Going from stock B18A1, to B18B1 with following modifications.

-Slightly ported B1 head
-p73 or PR3(or P30) pistons
-Crower Stage 1 cams
-9lb Flywheel, very heavy duty pressure plate.
-Intake, header, exhaust (no cat)
-Chipped ECU by Xenocron

Not looking for specifics, but am I safe in saying this would be faster than a stock B20?

But how much better than the stock B18A would this feel? I’m not building a car to take to the drags, just something to have a bit more fun with once and a while.


Go with PR3 N1 pistons, but check valve clearance before you torq head bolts. Poor man’s clearance check: bring cyl #1 to TDC. put 4 pieces of tootie rolls or hubba bubba on top of the piston 1 in each valve reliefs, set heads on top, bolt heads down(not too tightly),rotate both cams a full rotation each, now pull the head back off, look at the pieces of candy make sure you can’t see light in any part of them, if you cant then you are good to go, if you can the tops of the pistons will have to be modified to work.