PYR cams?

is anybody using PYR Street/Drag cams in there B18a/b motor?..they say it will make the power band go to 8000rpms using stock valve springs and retainers… and could an B18a bottom end handle this rpm?

Although I doubt a stock b18a bottom end could take 8000 rpms, I would be more concerned with the top end. I would never ever rev b18a/b head past about 7000rpms. Don’t listen to them, they just want you to buy their cams. Not only are you revving faster but since the cams have a larger profile the springs are doing more work and you will most likely float a valve and ruin your head. But, I’m no expert and there are always those freak motors that are surprisingly strong but do you want to take the chance?

they also have a street cam that does 7500rpm…what if i were to switch my valve springs and retainers, then would this be possible?

b18a or b engine arn’t made to rev so high do to the fact of low rod raito it has so would lean away from such claims that there saying.

yah i read on the rod and stoke ratio stuff…it made me not want to do lsvtec, but my budget is keeping me with my b18a which is fine, i love my car either way but what would be a strong all motor ls setup that would be able to increase the power band?