Qick wiring question w/ pics

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I bought this VTEC subharness. Great product but I have questions (I didnt get directions).

These 3 wires are at the end of my vtec subharness.

I’ve deducted that I should plug them into this second set of wires (on the left).

Here’s what my ECU looks like with the OBD0 to OBD1 jumper harness.

What do I do with the end of the 2nd set of wires?

Do I need to de-pin the jumper harness?

Thanks in advance.


im really interested to find out also:read:

Where do those three wires comes from? What is at the other end of the wires?

terrible explaining bro and y do you need to connect them why arentthey already connected in the harness like all people do when you buy a harness from them?