Q's on restoring my g2

oki i just started looking at the ARCHIVES and saw so many clean g2s with not one bit or sign of rust. i kno barely of you both your car like this so i want to kno where and how much did you get your new panels? or did you just take it a shop to cut and reweld the rusted pieces? just trying to make my g2 ready wen it gets painted this spring.

Well… I just made a big move and got my teg repainted (finally). It had several dents and bad scratches and yes, some rusted areas. I just gave it to the shop and had them do everything. It cost me J$47,000 to get the entire job done (approx US$1,000) but let me tell ya… it was worth every penny. They did a wonderful job.

To complete the restoration I went over to the people at Inlinefour.com (after MONTHS of searching) and ordered the original HONDA INTEGRA XSi badge for the rear hatch, as well as the original DOHC VTEC sticker for the rear hatch glass (don’t know if that comes on the USDM GSR or not). The only thing left to get will be the factory DOHC VTEC stickers for the side of the car (ordered those at A and H motorsport).

Now my only problem is restoring the interior. I would love to get the original HONDA INTEGRA floor mats, new carpet and at the very least, the original black/grey fabric for the seat. The drivers seat has a bad gash in it - but I can’t find matching material anywhere. Any suggestions?