Quarter Panels?

Where could i find some quarter panels? I checked on ebay they had nothing. thanks

I am almost possitive you can order them though the dealership. As far as I know I dont think anyone makes aftermarket quarter panels.

I dont want any aftermarket ones just some oem ones and i think at the dealer they would be really expensive. And we dont have an acura dealership where i live

you can probably contact a body shop to order it for you.

Is there anywhere i can get it on the internet???


www.car-parts.com <–junkyard listings

I’ve done my research for about a year on this subject. Unless you building a show car buy new quarter panels is about 400 dollars from the dealership(for some reason is the only place you can get them) a side. And these are un-painted, primed or anything. People have seen my car and it’s pretty bad. if you havent check my threads on panels. i got quoted by maaco to paint my car for 1200 bucks. Mind you the prices are Canadian but the point is fixing the panels is the way to go.

At that point it might make more sence to look for a cleaner shell. My stepdad does auto glass for a living and he always tells me you only see about half the rust on a the rest is hiding somewhere ya cant see :argh: