Question about a b17a

Hey guys I have a db2 with the b17,and was wondering if anyone used a bc stroker kit is it worth it? What am I looking to get out of it? I was thinking about geting one but I don’t know much about it and haven’t seen much people talk about it here’s the link

I have not used a BC stroker kit. I’m not sure what you mean by what are you looking to get out of it. A stroker kit increases displacement. You will increase power. And I didn’t see a b17 kit. What are your goals for this engine? I would keep the b17 a 1.7 liter. You get a little more displacement and you get to keep pretty good R/S

Maybe around 200 hp I think the b16 and 17 block are the same height so the b16 kit should work I still haven’t took apart my motor yet but when I do I’m afraid my cranks going to be no good so this would be one of my options

Why do you think your crank could be no good?

I have a bad rod bearing on cylinder 3 and blown head gasket I pulled the oil pan antifreeze was dripping out of it on my other post I got a pic of the bearing the crank wasent scratched tho