question about distributor

i had my car taken to a mechanic awhile aback to get the head gaskets replaced and when they finished and i got the car back alot of stuff was put on half ass like missing bolts in the engine mounts o2 sensor not in valve cover put on with plastic sides sticking out not tucked under its been about 2 months since then and now my distributor is making wierd noises so i went to take off the cap and i noticed that the bottom screw was missing so it was only screwed on by the top 2… i opened it and its completly filled with carbon deposit so i just replaced the cap and rotor but while doing so i had to crank the engine alot to get the rotor to turn so i could see the screw to unscrew it. After i put it back together my car would start up for like half a second and die you could give it tons of gas while still cranking it and it would stay at around 100-200 rpms barely running. I thought i just flooded my engine so i took it to the mechanic that fixed it before since he is the only one around. But with out calling me or anything they just replaced my distributor which isnt cheap at all. They told me my distributor was completely dead or something like that… but with the symptoms i described does that sound like just a flooded engine or a dead distributor the noise started the day i took the cap off and i never had any troubles with electrical systems when running the car. Any advice would be helpful as my car is now stuck at the mechanics and i really cant pay for this distributor… i really think these people break something on your car every time you go there to get something fixed so you keep coming back… dunno it just seems that way… or they just halfass everything real bad

not really clear about your prob, but I do know this is that they cannot replace or fix anything on your with out your permission. it is against the law, even if they said they tried contactinfg you and did not answer they still can not just start replacing things without your permission. also if they break something on your car that was not reelated to the repair they should pay for it. your mechanic sounds like they may not be that skilled or know what they are doing becareful ,good luck. :cross: