question about hybrid transmission

I’ve got an “LS” geared 92/93 YS1 transmission in my car and I want to change around the gearing. What I need is to verify what year (and type) car the parts would come out of so that I can order them from Honda (Acura).
There are two things I’m doing.

  1. I want to change the final drive ratio from 4.267 to 4.4. I believe that I need the parts from a 93 GSR. That’s the ring gear and also counter shaft.

  2. I want to change 5th gear from 0.743 to 0.714. It would be the two relevant gears, one on the countershaft and the other on the main shaft. I believe that I want these from a 94 Intera LS.

And then there is one other question; I’ve heard that some Honda shift rods (the internal ones) are better than others. What is the story and are they worth changing.

Wes Vann