question about idle vibration

i am still looking at buying a 91 GS with 133k miles… but the main obstacle is a heavy vibration at idle while the car is not moving. while a search of this site points to motor mounts, the mounts in this car are good. i called a reputable service guy at pepboys and he told me that the vibration is a honda thing involving carbon buildup on the fuel injectors. he says that a round of fuel injector cleaner will probably solve the problem. has anyone had any experience with this remedy? the car accelerates great and drives great, the only other problem being a ticking-ish sound from the engine after a thorough warmup. if it were my car, i’d go ahead and try the cleaner, but alas, it’s not mine to mess with. any advice? thanks.


How do you know the mounts are good? Is it a manual or auto? A low idle will cause vibration. The car should idle around 700rpms +/- 50rpms. I dont know about you but for me Pepboys and Reputable dont work in the same sentence. Your front motor mount is probably torn and needs replaced, afterall its 11 years old. The tickish sound could be your valves needing an adjust or just the sound of the injectors(normal). I say if your unsure about the vehicle, look up a shop in you yellow pages that specializes in honda/acura’s and have them check it out for you.

it’s a manual. i’m gonna drop it off tomorrow morning at an acura dealer and i’m hoping that a decent overall inspection sort of thing won’t cost too much. as far as the motor mounts, there is no violent or excessive engine movement when revved abruptly.
i’ll look them over myself before i take it to the dealer. so, as far as the carbon buildup… that’s a myth? any other pointers for specific things to check in these integras? thanks for the advice.



ok ok i learned my lessson. i got a overall car check kind of thing at the acura dealer and he pointed to weak motor mounts. he told me that the engine and the car are in great shape. normally i would trust my own knowledge in checking a car over, but i’ve been skeptical on this one. it’s got 133k miles and is in great shape, but the lady’s taking just $1750 for it. i gave her a down payment today and i’m picking it up tomorrow. after a new muffler, a brake light switch, that cam seal plug, and new front rotors, it’ll be as good as new and worth a whole lot more than i’m paying. yeah, so anyway, i learned my lesson that pepboys is a joke. thanks. i look forward to many more lessons in the future. btw, the mechanic at the dealer is doing the $70 abs system check for free. what a guy.


Sounds like a good foundation for something worth while. Good Luck with the project. Before you start working on it, think about what you are going to do, if you are doing turbo, don’t put an intake or header on it, and make sure the exhaust is large. The turbo kit comes with it’s own intake and a turbo manifold. That type of stuff.

Anyway, good luck!