Question about pcv

I just bought a B20. it runs awesome but it came without a valve cover (long story). So i am running my B18A valve cover and intake manifold. Unfortunatley i have no place for the PCV valve. I figured my engine will get enough breathing room with the hose from the cover to the intake. Thoughts on this?

B20’s PCV valves are on the valve cover? Didn’t know that.


Run a hose from the black box on the block(oil baffle), up thru a pcv valve , and then to the intake manifold.

Ya but the B20 block doesnt have the black box like the B18A1. Its breather is just a hole in the valve cover, which is why im wondering how important it is. I mean dont get me wrong, im not stupid by any means but i was just wondering if anyone has been in the same position as me. i figured the block would get enough breathing space through the hose from the valve cover to the intake pipe.

unless the b20 block has somewhere to mount the older pcv system i don’t really know what to tell ya. i can’t really say i know the difference between the ls and the b20 manifolds, but maybe you could do some sort of hybrid system using components of both? not sure how well it would work, but that’s all i can think of :shrug: