question about PCV

ok heres the picture and what im curious about is what exactly is all this, specifically? is it possible to remove all that junk and just run a hose from the “nipple” on the block up to the PCV valve in the intake

hmmmm guess i could’ve searched some haha thanks though for pointing me in the right direction…looking like this might be the source of my annoying leak on the back of the block and NOT the oil galley plug. maybe leaking at the bigger opening of the can at the bottom?

so what i gathered from that post that BOX is required, or a fat hose at correct diameter run to to lower block opening and a T for the smaller hose at the top?

A couple of week ago, I removed my Intake Manifold for a good cleaning. I saw many of the OEM hoses’ need to be replaced with new parts. A lot of them had cracking and hard to the touch hose’s. I paid around $68 for all of my OEM parts that just need replacing. It’s the only way I would do this job. After replacing and tuning, the car drives better than new IMO, if this counts…? I am a happy camper now, and I don’t have to go looking or fixing anything back their on my Teg for a long time.:cross:

^^^^so was that replacing that box as well?

i guess the reason i’m asking about this all is because connecting that box to the IM is a royal pain in the arse, and would really like to simplify it as i’m going to be replacing the head in a couple weeks and then in a month or 2 will be rebuilding the entire motor. so with all this disassemble and assemble would be nice to simplify that part IF its possible

^^^^so was that replacing that box as well?

I asked the dealer if the box anything special, was told that I could just clean it out.
Box was spray cleaned with Brake Cleaner spray. I turned the box upside down to clean anything else that might be stuck inside it.
It turned out as good as new.

So does is that other nipple connects to nothing?