Question about power steering without speed sensor

Ok heres the deal, I have a 92 integra that is currently fitted with a 90 civic manual rack and quaife short ratio rack and pinion.

It is impossible to steer this thing around a track for any length of time. Not fun.

So I want to refit the original power steering rack. (It`s long gone so a rebuilt one will go in)

Now here is the twist… the car is currently powered by a K20 and i plan on using a 2001-2005 Toyota MR2 EHPS.

Questions - What is that speed sensor that is plumbed to the original transmission for? How does it work? Can use the ps rack without it?

The reason our VSS has powersteering fluid running through it is because the steering is only assisted at low speeds… Once a higher speed is achieved the PS isn’t effective. Being that our cars are 20yrs old, it seemed a good idea to tie the PS lines to the VSS to make the idea work.

Yes, you can use a JDM or EF civic VSS that has none of this plumbing and be fine. Equally, you can use the steering rack without the VSS setup, you just have to cap or loop the PS lines and make it a closed system.

Look up the PS Delete/Loop threads. There are plenty out there.

So the rack has 4 ports.
A: From pump-14mm
B: To reservoir-12mm
C: To oil cooler-17mm
D: To power steering speed sensor-12mm

To ditch the vss stuff you keep the feed and return? Im assuming feed is A and return is C. Then loop the To reservoir and To power steering speed sensor? (Loop B to C)

Just to clarify - I want power steering with a power steering rack but i do no want to/can’t run the ps vss system.

OK, so that last post is incorrect.

The PSSS port (D) would have to blocked off. This would cause the system to provide full and non variable assist at all times. The To Reservoir and To oil cooler ports (B and C) need to be teed together and run back to the reservoir.

This would essentially convert the DA PS rack to work just like an EF PS rack. Are these two racks interchangeable? I’m assuming yes since we can mount EF manual racks on our DA subframes. I like the EF rack idea as i don`t have a power rack yet.

I feel like i’m repeating what unified112 said in more detail…

Over assist should not be an issue, the MR2 ECU can use the speed signal from the K series VSS to lower assist at higher speeds.

Does this make sense?

Just in case anyone cares to know. I got this setup to work and this is how it is plumbed.

High pressure outlet on pump to inlet A on the rack
Outlets C and B teed and run to a cooler
Outlet from cooler teed to outlet D from rack and sent back to the pump reservoir.

The assist is pretty low at all times since the rack is working as though the PSSS is providing unrestricted flow. Like it would at speed in a stock DA.
Electro hydraulic power steering in a DA track car. Fantastic stuff.

Nice update sir!

Good information man.

[QUOTE=unified112;2315411]Nice update sir!

Good information man.[/QUOTE]

:up: Next time i get a chance I’ll clamp the psss outlet on the rack to see how it feels on full assist. Would be nice to ditch that second tee and just plug the outlet at the rack.