question about radiator fan

I have two tegs that I have questions with the radiator fans, one, I hooked up the sensor on the back of the block and the fan never comes on but it never overheats.

second, I swapped a new motor into one of my tegs and it didn’t have a rear fan sensor on the block. I hotwired the fan to the battery with a switch but how would I go about properly hooking up that one?

the fan sensor you are talking about is the coolant temperature switch. its location depends on what motor you are swapping. It will either be on the back of the block (90-91) or on the thermostat housing (92-93). if your fan never comes on but never overheats, you either don’t run it hard/long enough or you’re lucky it hasn’t yet. check out a helms manual, it has the complete wiring diagram. you most likely have a bad ground/short somewhere.