Question about squeaking...?

I have a 1992 acura Integra and as of late my driver side front wheel makes a squeaking sound everytime i hit a street pothole or anything…but the feel of the car when i hit these things are fine so i assume that the shocks are ok, but what else could you assume it could be? the other passenger side of my car is fine. somebody suggested a suspension bushing, what else could it be… and if it is a suspension bushing are they expensive and hard to change? thanks…

shock bushing are not too expensive
but replacing them may be very expensive unless you do it yourself.

Is it hard

Is it hard replacing the shock bushings, and how would i know which bushing to exactly get i see there is a whole bunch of things under that website you gave me ,and i know i dont need all of them so how would i know which one is the rite for my situation…

its not hard to replace them, just time consuming and a pain in the ass ( different from hard) The biggest problem is compressing the coil spring. You just need a coil spring compressor tool. The other thing you need to be wary of is loosening the right bolt. If you take the wrong one off first you will send the coil flying. So, go buy a haynes repair manual and a spring compressor and youll be fine. Heh.