question about the clock...

is there a way i can make the clock not dim when the headlights are turned on? fcm, i think you will probably know this, any help appreciated

funny… i thought i was the only one that was annoyed that the clock dims when lights are on…

anyways cut the red/black wire

the red/black behind the clock, if that will help im doing it tom

k, let me get this clear: if i cut the red and black wire clock will stop dimming whenever i turn on the headlights?

If you cut the red/black the clock will not dim, don’t forget to cap off the cut red/black lead. 94

Thanks Everyone! Yeah you arent the only one that annoyed HAHA, it bugged the crap out of me

this should be on teg tips for future reference.

ok, so i tried to pull the clock out, i used a flat head with electrical tape on the end, and i already managed to F-Up my dash a little bit, so how the hell do you get the clock out?

work slowly from left to right it will losen then it should pop out. try a cloth over the screw driver. Use ur hand when u pop 1 side open.

work from left to right? on the top or bottom of the clock?

I Agree

nevermind i got it, thanks, good idea with the cloth

just did this… wow, what a difference!

no more annoying dim clock!

Dont cut just unplug

For anyone doing this that is gonna cut the red/black wire. You dont have to. Unplug the connecter look at the 4 fittins just use a small flat head screwdriver and push the plastic upwards(away from the metal connecter) and pull the wire out from the other end. I black taped the loose connected just in case.