Question about vibration??

I have a 1992 acura integra 5 speed, and whenever your inside the car it vibrates somewhat,enough to notice it. When i turn on my a/c it starts to shake a littlemore, when the ac clutch engages thought thats when it really shakes. I was just wondering are these signs that my motor mounts are shot? or could it be anything else…i mean when you lift the hood and look at the engine, it looks alrite minor shaking but when your inside of the car it feels like your sitting on the engine? any help would be appreciated

I would have the Engine Mounts, and the Tranny Mounts both checked. Also I have a bad clutch and that makes things rattle like a bastard.
HTH :smiley:

definatley check ur mounts
mine 3 engine mounts broke on me doing 70 on the hwy.
talk about scary, i thought my engine was gonna fall out.

Yea my car vibrates like crazy, i found out that it was the mounts. I am getting new ones right away since I can’t stand rattles.