question: code 43, injector resistor box...

I’ve got a 91 RS integra with a 90 engine and ECU. I’m throwing a code 43 when my engine warms up (this is a new car I’m still trying to get running right), code 43 is fuel system, the engine misses sparatically on acceleration, and drops to like 300 rpm after it warms up at idle, my question: I checked the resistance of the injector resistor box and some pins give me like 6.2 ohms and some like 11.7ohms, I’ve searched on g2ic, and found that both readings are acceptable. does anyone know what pins on the resistor plug should give what ohm readings? Also what is the stock injector cc? Ive heard 225, 240, 255, Anyone know what is is exactly? :bang:

Another question: What relay sits infront of the main relay, what does it do?

ok I didn’t notice notice one wire’s red and the other 4 are black, probably go to each injector, I’m reading 5.9ohms at all 4 wires, all injectors read 2.1 ohms so that makes 8ohms for each injector, so I guess there good… car still misses on accelerates, and dies when its warm, any sugestions?

Hazard lights relay

Thanks Ng.

I’m thinking my problem might be the ignition module(ignitor), thats the only thing i can think of that would fail under heat…

miss turns out to be a bad plug wire, low idle when warm was a stuck IAC valve.

EDIT: IAC cleaned and functioning, car still idles at 100 to 200rpm


I noticed that one of the purge solenoid caps was melted on one side, but I think the top is just the filter if i can remember right. All the vacuum lines look ok, I’ll clean the FITV and spray the lines down with soap water tomarrow. Out of daylight here.

I got the code 43 on my 92 ls motor it woild come on once the car would warm up i had a extra o2 sensor and chAnged that and hAvent had that cel since just An experince cant gaurentee it will solve your issue

chassis’s got 290,xxx mi. Motor newer. It had a stock exhaust before i replaced stainless headers, testpipe, and 2.5 cat-back. Still has the original honda O2 sensor, Guess Time to replace

FITV snug, no vac leaks

I’m going to replace:
O2, injector resistor box, injectors, OBD 0 distrib. and wires. After that, if I’m still low, I’ll adjust Idle screw