Question for front lip

Hi guy i got a 92 integra 2 doors and i’m looking for a new front lip. Actually i got a OEM 92 front lip. side skirt are oem 96 ek civic hatch, and rear lip is custom made fiberglass lip. Before that my front lip was a custom fiber glass made by myself but after broke it 4 times i’m a little bit tired and now i’m looking to get something flexible made of rubber. I’ve seen few guy on the internet using garden lip or other home depot style lip and look clean, i like the plain look with no hole in it!. I’Ve search on g2ic using keyword like : diy lip, home depot lip, custom lip, garden lip. Without any picture or diy.

So now i’m asking you guy if anybody has a pic with good result of the custom garden lip installed? or any DIY would be better. Here in quebec lowering you card is like jumping the grand canyon, there’s hole everywhere and road are pretty scrap…

Well i hope you guy’s can help!


here is pic of my old lip pic is 1year ago

I don’t know anything about the lip you are talking about… But, what you can do and its cheaper is get the original 1995 front accord lip.just like I did. It doesn’t crack and it fits perfectly

You can do what i did.
This one has no pics but still has step by steps.