Question for rebuilders

Ok, i got a quick question, a buddy of mine i was talking to about rebuilding my engine, starting claiming that if you go with the Pr3 pistons and have a higher compression than the stock compression, you are going to have allot of problems with the car, such as needing to buy fuel regulators, rails, etc, and use only race fuel for the engine to run ok. He said he knows a bunch of people who went high compression and their cars run likei crap now and they always have problems.
I was just wondering what other parts you need to buy if you go with the B16 pistons into a B17? besides buying new rods and the pistons, what other parts should be bought to make sure the engine don’t run like crap? Such as, fuel regulators, rails etc, or any other parts.
Anyone recently rebuilt their motor? what kindof mods did you do, and how is it runnnin?

You wont need race fuel on that compression, just 91 or better most likly…And the cars that run like crap probably werent tuned, I dont know if raising compression is enough to need a custom tuned ECU or not…somone else will have to anwser that question.