Question for those of you LsVtec Savvy,I need to know a realistic 1/4time

Well I have a Ls Vtec with
Civic Type R Pistons and rings
LS shot peened rods
350 injectors
milled head
hks exhaust no cat or resonator
aem cam gears
I think thats it, but there will be more very very soon, as soon as I put the FMIC on my 300z. tell me what you think I could realisticaly pull in this beast.

somewhere in the low 15 second range at best considering you mentioned nothing about modifying the head, except for cam gears, and I’ll assume you’re going to use a b16a or b18c head. Also I’m assuming you’re going to use a stock ECU setup, which is detrimental to an ls/vtec- since there was never a somputer made that will accurately give this motor the direction it wants to adequately use the potential it has.

The parts you list are definately a good way to start though. Are these arts currently installed on your car? If you dont get the times that you stuck in your head as being successfull don’t get discouraged. You are a long way from finished.