question for those with ingalls

i intstalled my ingalls front cambet kit a few days ago and i was wondering if youre supposed to reuse the thin little bracket that goes from one end of the uca to the other
i chose not to use it
did anyone else do this?

I didn’t use it either. In fact I cut mine so that I didn’t have to take the struts out.


I did not reuse mine either … but I got it out without removing the strut too … :p:p

i didnt use either… does it even fit? :confused:

i got mine out without removing the struts
the reason i ask is because the bolts that hold the camber kit in place dont seem like they will hold to me
so i was thinking if that bracket was in there maybe it would be a little more rigid
has anyone had problems with the camber kit moving on them?
im going to get an alignment from firestone anyway (130 lifetime)
so if it does go outta wack i just bring it back
personally i think they could have designed the camber kit a little better

Those bolts are seated with tremendous torque. If you look closley at them you’ll see that they don’t look like normal bolts. They’re much beefier looking and they are made out of different metal.

They’ll hold.


how da hell did you guys get the camber kit in there without taking out the strut? I was working at it today and from the looks of it, i think i’m going to have to take out the strut assembly to install my ingalls.

BTW: i have a 1.8 in. drop.

You have to:

  1. raise the car on jackstands
  2. remove the upper control arm bolts (14mm) … the horizontal bolts
  3. remove the upper control arm bolts (17mm i think)
  4. knock the bolts down through the holes (rubber mallet)
    – this should have also loosened the control arm’s grip on the bracketed camber studs (what to call those damn things!)
  5. then you have to slide the assembly downwards, around the strut, and slide them past the brake line … it will give enough to slide it by … then it will come out pretty easily.

The other thing you can do is just cut that bracket, because you don’t need it anyways.

Man just cut that damn thing off. You wont need it. Bolt cutters work great.


Originally posted by DAY U IZ
[B]Man just cut that damn thing off. You wont need it. Bolt cutters work great.


LoL … yeah woulda been much easier to just write that, and DO that too … :p:p:p …

ps: DAY U IZ … I likes your name bro!!! :D:D

Thanks man. On the old bord it was just DAYUIZ, no spaces. No one got what it meant, and not many people get it now. Hehehe…glad to see some people understand.

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