Question of what is the best clutch for me etc.

Hi! I have 303hp and 280nm in my turboed Integra, B16A motor, and I´m from Finland. OEM clutch started to slip, so I´m about to buy a new one. I read a lot of XTD, and know that it´s possibly quite crap, so I wont buy it. I need something which can hold that 280nm, which is something like 206ft-lbs. And more is coming, that´s why I would like to get a stage 4 clutch.

But what about F1 Racing clutches sold by gripforce-clutches in ebay? Like this:|240%3A1318

Another option is Competition Clutch Stage 4, which costs 355$ at Xenocron. Is it worth it? I could get 2 F1 Racing clutches for the same price than one Competition Clutch, but I´m not eager to do that job twice, if F1 Racing sucks and I have to buy a new one after few hundred miles. I´ve heard nothing but good about Competition Clutches. Anyone else?

And do you recommend a lighter flywheel than the stock when I´m having 300-400hp in the motor? I would like to keep the feeling when driving as much normal as it just is possible, doing a lot of normal driving at the cities and highways… But what do you think about the flywheel, money waste or not…?
B16A motor with B18A1 (Integra ´90 OEM) tranny, cable and S1. How about some 12lbs flywheel? I´ve read a lot of ultralight ones, and it seems that they effect to low-end torque a lot, and that´s what I want to avoid. So maybe it´s better to keep the OEM?

Sorry my bad english.

Tell me your opinions!

I have a LSD motorsports streetwheel flywheel, which weighs in at 13lb. I really like it. I had a LSD motorsports clutch before and loved it! I moved from a 92-93 tranny to a 90-91, so I switched to the F1 stage 4 sprung 6-puck with heavy duty pressure plate. It also works well, and I know a guy that had one of these on a 450 WHP + daily driver and it lasted over 20k miles inluding a TON of drag launches and burnouts and more abuse.

LSD clutch:,HO,SS

I also got the flywheel off that site, and it is very nice as well.

I am currently boosted with the F1 clutch, and it grips and holds great! I’m not making nearly as much horsepower as you, but am probably making as much or more torque. I have a B18a with a small T3 turbo, but am soon switching to a HX35Y from a Dodge Cummins diesel truck, which should put me over 300-350 WHP.

I think the F1 clutch is great, but loved the LSD as well. I would personally go with one of those since I have personal experience with them. I know that LSD has a shop in Europe somewhere too, quite possibly Finland, so that might make it easier as well. One really nice thing about LSD is they have a 6 month unlimited mile warranty, and they WANT you to TRY to break it, they encourage abuse and racing, and I think that shows a lot about the confidence the company has in their product. Hope this helps you!


Thanks for this info! I have to check possibilities to get that LSD Clutch to Finland. Any more opinions about clucthes and/or flywheels? :slight_smile:

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