question on Resonator

I got a little question, is not about how to removing the resonator, but i want to know do i need to put back the resonator during the winter or somehting? Because i already got my SRI installed, but i left the lower part of the OEM airbox and the resonator on there.

If removing it can improve air flow and it won’t cause any problem during the winter, then i think i might remove it… would it have any inspection problem if the resonator is gone?

are you talking about the box thing that is on the corner of the passenger side? the one that bolts up to your air box right? go ahead and take it out, you wont get any hp or all kinds of cold air but you will get only a little better air comming into you engine area. you wont get any noticable improvement unless you have a cold air intake installed or extend that one with the filter down there where the filter use to be, then you will improve response and hp a little.

during the winter, you can leave it off running short ram, waters not going to fly up there to reach your airbox hole or anything.

thanks, that’s what i want to know, since i am not using CAI so i don’t have to worry about too much salt in the winter.

if i take off the lower half of the airbox do i have to leave the intake resonator? if not can i remove it? also if i take out the intake resonator and the lower half of the airbox won’t it be like a cai?