question regarding E-VSS - VSS

just curious if i got an OBD2 manual trans that has an electonic VSS is it possible to transfer it to non electronic VSS for my 90 RS which is still OBD0



yes u can i have put an electric vss into a cable tranny on an obd2 car , ran cable for clutch ran fine.

well i meant using an electric VSS and obd 2 trans in an obd 0 car

You would need to swap out your dash for any dash that uses a electrical VSS, the trans and vss will go on no worries, but you can’t use a elctrical VSS with a cable drive gauge cluster

alright cool…

no way i could use a cable driven VSS in a newer trans is there? heh

Ya you can use a gear driven VSS in a hydro trans.

ahh alright cool
im just weighing my options and knowing what im getting into since i am in the market for a b series 5 spd…now i know im not terribly limited